Linklater: On Cinema and Time – an 8 min visual essay on Aeon Film

More than perhaps any other filmmaker, Richard Linklater has dedicated his career to exploring the relationship between time and film, and the impact of time on relationships, personalities, styles and cultures. His films explore the way time affects intimate moments and broad cultural phenomena. His latest work, Boyhood (2014), goes to extremes in its exploration of the temporal in cinema: shot over the course of 11 years with the same cast, the film literally traces the growth, development and ageing process of its characters.

Linklater: On Cinema and Time is a moving visual essay, connecting temporally distinct moments in film history, and illustrating their continuities and differences. It looks at the ways in which film has changed, stayed the same, or elaborated upon its own stories over the course of the past century. The film is an exploration of the cinema of time and the history of cinema, matching an insightful interview with Linklater to illustrative moments in his own and other, classic films.